integrations made simpler

OLR's solutions work along side your Oracle intergration. We do this to ensure a successful agile delivery.

Test Evolve

Test Evolve is automated testing solution with capabilities for cross-browser, cross-device, API and database testing. It plugs into your development framework, then provides amazing real time dashboards and granular defect information.

Very user friendly and the easiest way to transition your team to an automated testing approach. Taking on Living Requirements means OLR keep the test results linked to your business needs at all times.

The Lego Testing Story

Buyer's Workbook

The OLR accelerator is the first and only Oracle Retail advocated offer that delivers real business benefit to retailers looking to streamline their Item, Order and Distribution processes. OLR's OROMS accelerator for Oracle Retail dramatically improves speed to market by streamlining key business processes. Merchandisers can create items, purchase orders and initial allocations, all from a single workbook.

The Wiggle story

The Integration Hub

The trend of decoupling and recoupling software is a good one, enabling component parts to become greater than the whole from whence it came. It all sounds straight forward, but a tightly coupled system is built in a way that every part is internal and effective, having access to every other part.

Once decoupled, that cohesion is lost and must be achieved in other ways. The Integration Hub provides the flexibility required to expose data securely across domain boundaries and provides the speed and feature set to ensure that data remains consistent in every place it has relevance.

The Denby and iHub story

Our ways of working

Transparency, trust, empowerment, and automation are core to any delivery process. OLR build skilled teams, form trust with clients and have confidence in employees. Demonstrating progress frequently and automating as much as possible to ensure quality and repeatability. OLR love Scrum to facilitate project teams, it leads to an engaged and energised experience for all team members and stakeholders.

The Ways of Working Story