Our Retail Excellence Framework

The Retail Excellence Framework is based on OLR's 20 years' experience helping some of the world's most recognised brands achieve Omni-Channel success.

Retail Excellence Framework

The OLR Retail Excellence Framework supports retailers in achieving retail excellence through a review three key areas:

1. Defining and reviewing the brand's vision for Omni-Channel.

Delivery is a collaborative shared responsibility between internal business and the IT function working together, with external project and service suppliers. We use the concept of Retail Agility to explore what the value set is for your target operating model. Then we work backwards to identify where you are in regard to this target, the impediments and relevant actions needed to move forward.

2. Assisting the brand in their vision of the future - where they currently are, and where they ultimately want to be with consideration of relevant experts required to achieve it, and the processes and platforms needed to complete the project successfully.

The relationship between the Operating Model, Operational Systems and Infrastructure is key to providing retail excellence. This unlocks thee ability of your application landscape to change quickly and your teams to embrace agility.

3. Build an action plan based on agile principles that allows the brand to move towards their vision whilst ensuring minimal cost of ownership.

Having numerous Omni-Channel applications doesn't mean you have an Omni-Channel platform. It also doesn't mean that you are providing a good customer experience.