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Wiggle fuels hyper-growth with Oracle Retail Merchandising & Planning solutions and OLR’s Buyers Workbook

UK headquartered online tri-sports retailer Wiggle is experiencing tremendous hyper-growth. Founded just nine years ago, Wiggle recently completed its acquisition of Chain Reaction Cycles (CRC), making it the world's largest ecommerce player specialising in the bike/swim/run sector, offering over 60,000 products for everyone from children up to elite athletes looking for a "one-stop" shop for tri-sports.

Wiggle went live in October 2016 with its new retail platform comprising Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Oracle Merchandise Financial Planning and The Buyer's Workbook (a unique workflow-based UI from OLR which streamlines the buying process and provides end-to-end visibility from planning and commitment to purchase order creation). 

This new retail platform formed part of Wiggle's strategic "Capability Upgrade Programme (or CUP)", which also included Oracle Fusion Financials & Procurement and Oracle Business Intelligence delivered in an Hitachi-provided "Private" Cloud environment. The new CUP platform successfully performed during the peak holiday shopping period of Black Friday and Christmas. 

Facing critical scalability issues, Jeff Wollen, the Wiggle CIO, turned to Oracle Retail software solutions to support Wiggle's transformation from UK entrepreneurial start-up to a fully-fledged global online retailer. Wiggle selected OLR as the Oracle Retail implementation specialists (merchandising and planning delivery), working in close partnership with their existing strategic SI partner, Hitachi Consulting. 

OLR and Hitachi collaborated to give Wiggle an elite level of success, leveraging their combined experience, methodology and Oracle Partnerships and allowing Wiggle to engage with this partnership as a single virtual team. 

"To grow from $200 million to $400 million in revenue, we have changed the way that we invest in and use IT," said Wiggle CIO Jeff Wollen, "The Oracle platform scales optimally to support our near and long-term growth objectives, while changing the way that we work and how we drive performance across categories and market segments."

OLR delivered Oracle Retail Merchandising and Planning in fifteen months for Wiggle (from High-Level Design to full Cut-Over). This was possible due in large part to a highly-refined methodology and a host of accelerators which allow the consulting firm to rapidly stand-up retail specific solutions in a thoughtful, and planned manner. 

Jeff Wollen (Wiggle CIO) states: "From the very beginning, OLR's commitment to the success of our project was evidenced through their dedication and thoroughness—to put it quite simply, OLR is the industry's safest pair of hands. They understand the business of retail, and bring the right people, who know the right questions to ask to cut to the heart of an issue. We didn't have time to slow down during this project, and OLR set a very fast pace of delivery!"

For Wiggle, operational efficiency is critical to delivering on their brand promise. As Jeff Wollen describes it, "We don't just dispatch. We are passionate about the customer experience, the e2e delivery process" and true to their mission, Wiggle's entire workforce embraces this core principle. 

Wiggle relies heavily on digital and online media promotions, rich product information, reviews and blog articles to help their customers find just the right product to fit their needs. Wollen ascribes Wiggle's success to how they have designed their customer experience: "A few short years ago, it was nearly impossible to think that a customer would purchase high-end cycling equipment without setting foot in a physical store. But we've proven that if you provide an immersive environment with enriched product information, if you can make it accessible through videos, if you can make personable via a contact centre worker who can share their love of the product, customers don't actually have to touch it anymore."