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When we joined LEGO’s Digital Brick project – a complete rebuild of their website – they had a test team split across 3 locations. 70-80% manual regression testing was still very much the order of the day.
A traditional selenium/java framework existed only a 1/3 of the required regression testing coverage and a cycle of testing taking 4-5 days with necessary chasing-the-sun handovers on a daily basis. Very little reporting was available from the automation suite and it became harder and harder to quantify exactly how much value it provided to support ongoing project delivery.

It all starts with requirements! We ran workshops with the business owners to harness the power of Behaviour Driven Development and Specification by Example methods. By engaging product owners, business analysts, developers and testers, we can ensure that the requirements are gathered in such a way that meets the needs of all parties whilst at the same time, beginning the process of collectively capturing some high level acceptance tests.

From day 1, we introduced our Test Evolve agile automation framework and it immediately enabled two distinct streams of testing delivery in one package – API and Front End. The API suite of tests now stands at around 10,000 tests that are run on a daily basis and the browser automation contains around 1,800 tests, also run on a daily basis. A methodical “tagging” strategy has been employed giving the regression packs the scalability required to run a smoke test, a production test, a nightly test or a full regression test. By using this method, a quick 20 minute job or a full cycle 2 hour job can be executed as required.

We have also built in a “living documentation” feature within the CI jobs for complete peace-of-mind for the business owners, knowing that as long as a feature is represented within the documentation, it has a passing automated test and is representative of how the application is behaving in production.

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