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OLR brought its thought, leadership and engineering skills to restore stability and predictability to Burberry's ATG platform. Working across IT and business, a team was set up to deliver operations and projects. Tasked with building and delivering the roadmap for eCommerce, this led to the retailer adopting an agile way of working, with various large-scale projects simultaneously delivered. These included, SEO optimisation, positive media coverage, new taxonomy - leading to an increase revenue supported by analytical data, new languages, AOTT microsite, regular seasonal and show based features and enhancements. The platform also enabled a new payment integration, personalisation of products and integration with the new Chinese distribution centre.

During this time, OLR led the delivery of a new mobile site, based on services created on ATG as well as services from other key systems to produce data for the mobile web app. Turning around the new content, APIs, infrastructure and design for a successful launch, this provided a rapid ROI than planned.

To enable all this to happen during the two-year engagement, OLR automated many manual tasks for deployment, as well as automation of the testing suite. The foundations were set for an automated repeatable process, which in turn reduced the time to market and increased ROI.

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