Oracle Merchandising

In order to deliver a superior shopping experience to its customers, whilst minimising disruptions in day-to-day operations, SIMAN selected OLR to help the retailer embark on a multi-phased implementation of the new Oracle Retail software throughout the business, of which Oracle's Merchandise Financial Planning was the first phase.

OLR's rapid approach for Merchandise Financial Planning proved critical to the system's deployment. Utilising pre-configured proprietary templates to help navigate SIMAN on to the new planning platform; planning application and processes more rapidly than standard software implementation methods would have allowed for. OLR's highly specialised consultants were able to lay a solid foundation for efficient planning, with the capability to 'flex and scale' whilst SIMAN continued to grow.

Following a successful deployment of the Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning system, OLR began working with SIMAN as a trusted strategic partner to implement Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management; a comprehensive second phase set of solutions to support buying, pricing and inventory management across the organisation.

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