Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting Diversity

As a global organisation, OLR pride itself on employing a talented and diverse team of individuals. Bringing together a wide range of backgrounds, skills and personalities, each person plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the OLR brand. By encouraging pairing and collaboration between employees, some travel between offices overseas to gain experience, in turn building stronger working relationships with each other. By fostering an inclusive company culture and appreciating why it is important to create a supportive working environment for our people, OLR hope to continue to attract and retain the very best talent in Retail and eCommerce delivery.

Inspiring the next generation

OLR believe in giving everyone the opportunity to progress further in their chosen careers. As an organisation, OLR recognise how increasingly hard it is for young people to succeed, and therefore invest time in helping them reach their full potential through an internship scheme. We acknowledge government guidelines, in the hope that with support and encouragement, younger colleagues will obtain the vital experience they need for the future. In many cases, interns have progressed successfully and secured permanent positions within the OLR group.


OLR believe it is important to give back to people and communities. Everything we have achieved would not have been possible without hard work, dedication and a little help from others. OLR is involved with the charity- You Give 2 Uganda. By raising money and donations in the UK, the charity invests in different youth projects across Uganda, from music programmes to building sustainable shelter for children and their families. Donations are made every month to the charity, with additional funds “gifted” when required. OLR is proud to be associated with a cause that makes such a difference to the lives of young people.


In addition to donating money, across the year OLR also raise money for different charitable organisations a little closer to home. From sponsored bike rides, cake sales and other collections, employees take an active role organising and overseeing these practices. Having previously worked with a wide range of different charities including the Manna Society and Macmillan Cancer Support, OLR hope to continue its fundraising efforts, choosing causes that, together the OLR community strongly believe in.