Application Managed Services

Application Managed Services (AMS)

Simply the best value Oracle Retail Support in the world, covering end-to-end Oracle omni channel and merchandising systems and 60+ associated technologies.

OLR's Managed Services Team provides specialist Oracle Retail and eCommerce expertise post-implementation; responding to critical system incidents that may occur at any time. Working across different time zones and on a 24/7 basis, the team safeguards the ongoing health, performance and accessibility of the clients Oracle investment.


Moving to OLR AMS support is simple. OLR will provide a free of charge environment analysis and detailed quotation. Sign up and we do the rest using our proven transition, on-boarding and stabilisation process.


For peace of mind and to ensure guaranteed TCO we are able to bundle upgrades as part of our standard AMS agreements.


To provide ultimate flexibility, as an add on to an AMS arrangement and to minimise project costs, we are able to extend AMS agreements to include DevOps capabilities for swift delivery of urgent requirements. This rapid agile delivery is only achievable when you have a team of technical delivery professionals with deep operational experience available as an add on to an AMS arrangement.


Hawk is our new and powerful proactive monitoring tool providing 360 degree visibility of environments and operating systems to provide maximum uptime and minimum disruption.

AMS Service Support

Dedicated service delivery managers and a comprehensive suite of service tools provide a best of breed support service for your retail operations.



At OLR we work with our clients to ensure they are able to ‘flip’ from one operational mode to another in COVID affected environments. We partner with our clients to embrace operational agility so they can continue to serve their customers effectively, regardless of changing operational conditions.

We just took a new Cash on Delivery service live in under three weeks to allow a client in Mexico, where cash remains the most popular payment method, to ensure order volume reduction could be minimised as they ‘flipped’ from an ‘open store’ to a ‘dark store’ operational model using stores as local distribution centres. This rapid agile delivery is only achievable when you have a team of technical delivery professionals with deep operational

Customer Success Story - Denby

In 2017 Denby re-platformed to Oracle Cloud Commerce and Xstore, rapidly followed by Oracle Retail Customer Experience. As each new part of the Omni-Channel jigsaw was slotted into place by the OLR development team, this transitioned into full end-to-end support. This included automated regression testing using the Test Evolve solution, so that as version changes took place on the SaaS part of the platform, these were quickly tested, ensuring that Denby were able to take advantage of new product features without facing any issues. Agility, speed to market, and risk control through automation excellence are key to retailer and brand success online. OLR prides itself on being able to offer expert Oracle support across the retail and commerce landscape, achieved through ongoing investment that allows our customers to ensure continuous success from their Oracle investment.